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  • Activator Solution by Tampa Humidor (400-203) Activator Solution by Tampa Humidor (400-203)

    Perfect 80/20 Mixture of Propylene Glycol and Distilled Water

  • Easy to use 9-12 Month Supply -Already Premixed

  • Price: $4.95 Shop
    Boveda 72% Humidifications Packs - 12pk(400-202) Boveda 72% Humidifications Packs - 12pk(400-202)

    Save money and pick up the Boveda 72% humidification packs by the case - Only $42.95

    Price: $42.95 Shop
    Boveda Humidity Pack 72% Boveda Humidity Pack 72%

    Get ready to experience the easiest way to keep your humidor at the perfect humidity. The Boveda Humidity Pack comes preset for accurate results and is so easy to use. Just take the preset Boveda Humidity Pack and toss it into your humidor. That's it. Nothing could be simpler. The Boveda Humidification Pack does all the work for you and takes the guess work out. The Boveda packs keep your humidor at 72% humidity and lasts for three months.

    The patented technology will accurately release the exact humidity that you need, without fault. Boveda Humidity packets have a built in reverse osmosis membrane to create the cleanest water vapor. Because the Boveda Humidification packs only allow water vapor to pass through the walls, but not any liquid, the packs can be laid directly on top of your cigars without any negative effects.

    Directions: use 1 packet for every 50 cigars plus 1 packet. For example: If you have 100 cigars, you would use 3 packets (1 packet for each 50 cigars, plus an extra). If you store 200 cigars you would need 5 packets (1 packet for each 50 cigars, plus an extra).

    Price: $3.95 Shop
    Boveda Humidor Cigar 84% Seasoning Kit Boveda Humidor Cigar 84% Seasoning Kit

    The Boveda Humidor Seasoning kit is just another great product by Boveda. The humidor seasoning kit will displace exactly 84% humidor for a period of 7-10 days.

  • Use 1 pack per 50 cigars in your new humidor. The best and easiest way to get your humidor ready to go.
  • Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Just Throw into Your Humidor
  • Preset for Accurate Results
  • Lab Tested for Accuracy

  • Price: $3.95 Shop
    Cigar Mechanic Travel Stick Bead Humification - CMTR Cigar Mechanic Travel Stick Bead Humification - CMTR

    Cigar Mechanic is a bi-directional humidifier, which utilizes revolutionary Nano-Bead technology. It will absorb extra moisture when humidity is high and release steady humidity when your cigars need it most.

  • Simply soak in water for 45 seconds and drain excess water. (distilled water is recommended but not necessary) Beads will turn from an opaque white to a clear translucent color. Now the beads are ready to use.
  • Cigar Mechanic will maintain the perfect conditions for your humidor while keeping it mold free.
  • Durable Polystyrene Molded Plastic

  • Price: $10.95 Shop
    Crystal Jar Humidifier 2oz Crystal Jar Humidifier 2oz

    2oz Crstal Jar humidifier - perfect humidification solution for either your desktop humidor or supplimental humidification in larger units. No set up required - comes ready to go - just take the top off and you're all set. Buy Crystal humidifier online or at our Tampa Location

    Price: $4.95 Shop
    Crystal Jar Humidifier 2oz - 3pk Crystal Jar Humidifier 2oz - 3pk

    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

    Save money and pick a 3pk of these great crystal Jar humidifiers. Each one comes ready to use and loaded with crystals to ensure proper humidity in your humidor

    Price: $9.90 Shop
    Crystal Round Humidifier (400-037) Crystal Round Humidifier (400-037)

    This is a great item for any humidor. Super absorbing crystals release just the right amount of humidity into your humidor. Refillable

  • 2 1/4" Diameter
  • Crystal Humidifcation
  • Large Magnet for secure placement
  • Maintains proper humidity level
  • No leaking - no mess - the crystals seal in the moisture

  • Price: $6.95 Shop
    Drymistat Crystal Humidification (400-173) Drymistat Crystal Humidification (400-173)

  • The Drymistat Crystal Tube is a great humidifier for any small or travel style humidor. The tube also comes with a cap so you can save the crystal when not in use.
  • Replacement crystals can also be purchased

  • Price: $8.95 Shop
    Heartfelt 70% Humidity Beads - 1 LB(400-810) Heartfelt 70% Humidity Beads - 1 LB(400-810)

    This is for 1 pound of heartfelt humidity beads.

    These beads will humidify up to 5 cubic feet

    Humidity Heartfelt beads put out humidity and take in humidity allowing your humidor to stay the proper 70%

    Price: $32.95 Shop
    Showing 10 out of 17 products
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