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Once you have found and procured your quality cigar and made the proper cut, it is time to settle in and enjoy the moment. That means using the proper cigar lighter and you have a few options. First, understand lighters for cigars are made differently from other lighters and you need the right cigar lighter for the job. Typically, torch lighters or lighters using clean burning butane fuel are the best options as they do not impart any unwanted tastes to your quality cigar.

Cigar torch lighters are known to be wind resistant and are great options for enjoying your cigar away from home. Table top cigar lighters can be attention-getting and great gifts for both cigar aficionados and causal smokers alike. When choosing lighters for cigars, first decide where it will be used and then choose a cigar lighter that fits the person who'll be using it. The subtle things about cigar smoking are the exact things that make it so popular. Don't miss out on the details.

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  • Alec Bradley Burner Lighter Alec Bradley Burner Lighter

  • The Burner comes from the wonderful Cigar maker Alec Bradley. If you know the Alec Bradley cigars, you know they take it seriously, seriously enough to make incredible accessories designed to take your enjoyment of smoking a cigar to a higher level! and they outdid themselves too!
  • The Burner is an attention-getting conversation piece, states Alan Rubin, founder and president of Alec Bradley Cigar Company. The ideal toy for the cigar lover who has ... or wants ... everything.

  • Price: $40.00 Shop
    Integral Venom Triple Wind Resistant Torch Lighter Integral Venom Triple Wind Resistant Torch Lighter

    This is a triple wind resistant torch lighter. It has a clear fuel tank and large flame adjuster.

    Price: $10.00 Shop
    Jet Line Lighter - 3 Flame (400-632) Jet Line Lighter - 3 Flame (400-632)

    High capacity tank with clear bottom.

  • Powerful Triple Torch Blue Flame.
  • Butane Refillable.
  • Adjustable flame
  • Equipped with oxygen escape valve for high altitude and strong wind conditions.

  • Price: $10.00 Shop
    Jet Line Lighter -3 Flame w/Punch Jet Line Lighter -3 Flame w/Punch

    High Capacity Butane Tank.

  • Built-in Cigar Puncher.
  • Powerful Triple Torch with Blue Flame.
  • Butane Refillable.
  • Adjustable flame.

  • Price: $14.95 Shop
    Oliva Nub Triple Flame Table Lighter Oliva Nub Triple Flame Table Lighter

    Check out this new table lighter by the Oliva company. This is a triple torch lighter with raised Nub lettering doubling as the lighting button. Very unique and extremely nice. A must have if you are a Nub or just a lighter fan.

    Price: $49.95 Shop
    Rocky Patel Diplomat II 5-Torch Table Lighter Rocky Patel Diplomat II 5-Torch Table Lighter

  • Not only do they make a great cigar but here are some awesome new lighters. This is the Rocky Patel 5 Torch lighter with a built in cigar punch on the bottom
  • Large fuel tank and 5 flames make this a great way to light your favorite cigar.

  • Price: $55.95 Shop
    Rocky Patel Induction Lighter Rocky Patel Induction Lighter

    This is an awesome lighter. Open the lid and push the "lighted red button" to ignite. The outer casing has an awesome detail in gun metal. This lighter comes with an extra battery. The button circle had the RP logo and it lights up when activated.

    Price: $49.96 Shop
    Vector 14X Butane 320ml Vector 14X Butane 320ml

    The Vector 14X 320ml the finest butane! Ozone Friendly, Cold filtered up to 14 times for maximum purity

    Price: $7.95 Shop
    Vector 14X Butane 320ml - 2 PACK Vector 14X Butane 320ml - 2 PACK

    This a 2 pack of Vector butane.

    Price: $14.50 Shop
    Xikar Butane - 1.9oz / 55g Xikar Butane - 1.9oz / 55g

    Jet flame lighters are the fighter planes of lighters. They require the highest quality butane. Anything else is just like putting diesel fuel into an F-16. That is why XIKAR researched and found the highest quality butane available for its Purofine Premium Butane.

  • Purofine's low level of imputirities (less than 30 parts per million!) help keep your lighter functioning properly for years of use.
  • Available in two sizes 55g and 225g (the largest can available!), you can be sure that your lighter will be ready for action any time you are ready to relax with a smoke

  • Price: $4.95 Shop
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